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after care guide

Your resin surface is intended to be used and enjoyed for both foot traffic and vehicle use, it is extremely hard wearing and easy to maintain.

  • If for any reason works are taking place near your resin bound surface it is a good idea to cover the area of resin bound to safeguard against damage.

  • Heavy objects such as waste skips should not be dragged across your resin bound surface nor should things like fuel spills or oil be left on the surface as this may cause permanent damage.

  • If a spillage should occur simply wipe up and wash off at your earliest convenience.

  • Keep your resin bound surfaces clean by simply hosing or jet washing the surface; even a bucket of soapy water and a brush works just fine.

  • All projects should be treated with a mild weed killer before the resin bound system is applied, if for any reason moss of weeds appear on the surface a weed killing agent can be applied with a watering can directly onto the resin bound surface.

  • This will drain through the resin bound system naturally to kill of the sapling.

  • If there is severe moss build up due to tree’s etc, apply two coats of weed killer and wash of appropriately, always follow the manufactures guidelines.

  • The removal of ice and snow can either be achieved by a plastic shovel or a de-icing salt. We recommend a product to stop ice build-up called “ice melt” which is available through various retailers. This product will not harm your resin surface.

  • Cement or concrete marks can be removed with the careful use of a dilute hydrochloric acid; this must be immediately washed off after use.

  • Areas that need to be replaced due to damage can be done using the same blend as the original surface, but dependent on the age of the existing surface a patch will take time to match the existing.

  • A resin rejuvenator can be applied to any resin bound surface to bring a shine back to the surface if desired.

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